Web Design, Web Development, Project Management, and You.

At Platypus, we don’t believe in shortcuts. We know the keys for a successful project (be it web design, graphic design, or marketing) are: planning, effort, time. We’re going to build you a website that grows with you, not one that you have to replace in two years. You’ll find that we’re great listeners, and we want to know all about your needs because we’re going to customize a solution for you. Never out of the box, never more or less than you need, our design project management process is going to save you time, money, and headaches. We’re going to take your business to the next level.

Web Design

We provide businesses and nonprofits with functional, professional, custom websites. Whatever your needs are we can advise accordingly. Platypus Web Design studio works on projects that range in size from simple to complex.

Graphic Design

Let’s bridge the gap between form and function with professional graphic design. We design logos, packaging, print collateral, trade show pieces, and digital design pieces. Good graphic design is the cornerstone of brand recognition.

Web Marketing

Have a website that isn’t hitting your target market? There are a lot of channels you can use to spread your message around the web. Social media, email marketing, Pay Per Click ads, and SEO all have their place. We can figure out the right formula for you.

There’s More.

Web Hosting

Look no further for reliable, safe web hosting.

Platypus can also help you purchase your domain and set up your custom email accounts.

Web Accessibility

Web accessibility means ensuring that most people with disabilities can use your website. There are multiple factors that contribute to making sure a website is usable by a person with a disability and here at Platypus Web Design, we understand that inclusion is an important part of your business or organization.